So what exactly is Studytracks?

You listen to a song and you remember the lyrics for years... without even trying. Then, out of the blue, that song gets stuck in your head and you can recall ALL the lyrics - what if you could control that?
— CEO/Founder Studytracks

Simply put, Studytracks is your new test and exams prep tool that allows you to study on the move - anywhere and everywhere. We take your study materials and put it to music... Good music, including music from guest collaborators who are active musicians. Then deliver it in a way that will get it stuck in your head, just like a song. Once it's there its ready to recall when you need. Just like the lyrics to you favourite songs.

Studytracks is not your substitute teacher - it's a way to do more, remember more and recall more from a core of the syllabus in less time while your on the move. The more you use it, the more you get it. The more you get it the easier it gets! It's as simple as listening to music.