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ICT Innovator of the Year / Secondary Digital Content

ICT Innovator of the Year / Secondary Digital Content


It's as easy as...


Listen. Repeat. Test. Repeat.

Studytracks is the evolution in study. Join over 100K students who have used the app to aid recollection and retention of the core syllabus. It's as easy as remembering the lyrics to a song... This is the principle behind Studytracks - core syllabus information put to great music and beats (by an Ivor Novello Award winning producer and songwriter) which sticks in your head, then you can test yourself on what you have learned. Genius.  


Take your studies with you


Download in iOS or Android 

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Here's what they say...


“This is genius, I can’t tell you how useful it will be for all students” 

- Teacher and parent, London

“Studytracks is so easy to use” 

- Student 5 

“I’ve always got my phone with me so now I can use this on the train into town, it’s so convenient” 

- Student 15

“The best revision is; little and often over a good period of time - this app allows you to do just that, it's brilliant!”  

- Deputy head, secondary school Southampton

“The tracks are really catchy”

- Student 16

“Studytracks is a very convenient way of revising and an innovative study tool” 

- Teacher, Hampstead


Subjects Currently Available


Physics - Biology - Chemistry
History - Geography - English Literature
Maths & Maths Foundation -  Poetry


AS Levels: 

Physics - Biology - Chemistry
History - Geography
Maths - English Literature



Studytracks U.S. 

Physics - Biology - Chemistry
World History - US History - Geography
Math 1 & Math Foundation - Literature

More subjects and countries coming soon!

Remember -Tell us what you need and we'll Studytracks it!  If enough people want it, we will create it!