Our Midem Lab pitch at Midem 2017

We were invited to pitch at Midem, the biggest annual 'business of music' conference through their Midemlab section of the event. 20 companies take turns to pitch to a panel of industry execs in 4 categories (5 companies in each) Music Creation and Education | Music Discovery and Distribution | Marketing and Data Analytics | Experiential Technologies (AR, VR) – we were in the Education category.

Forbes describes Midemlab as: “music-related startups are selected as some of the most promising new companies just entering the space, and they are all invited to show the world who they are, what they do and how it will change the business forever in what is called Midemlab.”

The queue to hear George present!

The queue to hear George present!

Show the world - what they do and how it will change the business forever.

That’s exactly what we did! We had a stand at the show so there was a base for operations, and the stand was really busy throughout the five days. We loved getting a chance to talk to teachers, fellow entrepreneurs, music professionals and all manner of music execs in the industry.

People came from all over the world to the event and there were parties, events, talks and lots of interesting things to do whilst we were there.  Added to that the sun was out and the weather was amazing, even though we were inside for most of the day, it made for some nice lunch breaks.

George took up the presentation like the rock star he is and even though there was a technical issue he slammed it out the park. He had a mic in hand to make the presentation more dynamic, and it worked well - hands down the best presentation on the day.

In the end we didn’t win the pitch event, the award went to an app funded by Samsung, but we had a lot of fun doing the pitch and also a lot of great feedback from the crowds that went in to see us pitch.

We came away from Midem with lots of additional contacts that wanted to help us to succeed as well as some key players support in the music industry, all of which goes to help the Studytracks cause. We also got to have a business lunch at the location below... 

George Hammond-Hagan