Music and memory

One of the overriding principles of the Studytracks App is music and memory. We're founded on how your brain works when fused with music, how you retain and recollect information better when it's fed to your brain with music attached. This all came from the realisation that we all have - we remember lyrics to music and recollect them quickly when 'triggered' by a phrase or word.

In writing 'Purple Rain' then the tune might start and Prince would be singing in your head. This works with songs in general, not just the ones we love, but also the ones we moderately know or mildly enjoy, right the way to the tracks we straight up hate, all the lyrics are still there. 

So then the new article by Drake Baer on the Ny Mag website it's super interesting to see about how music and memory can make you happier as well. Again the study makes the suggestion but we all know music is a mood modifier, we put it on to feel good, or pumped, of get stuff done, and this all adds to the way music sets you up better to learn from music.

Have a read HERE as it's interesting. 


George Hammond-Hagan