Studytracks adds Cathy Guetta, Fay Arjomandi and Raphael Aflalo to advisory board.

We were super happy this week when QA Education featured us on their website with our exciting news about the advisory board of Studytracks - click here for the full article.  

QA Educations is one of the premier locations for education news and when we sent them the press release about our new advisory board members, they were, rightly, as excited as we were with the news.

Each of the additions to the advisory board brings something big to Studytracks and we're happy they will be helping us to realise the potential of the app.

Creative artistic director and internationally acclaimed businesswoman, Cathy Guetta, and expert in communications and digital marketing, Raphael Aflalo, both are affiliated with ‘My Love Affair’, an international agency dedicated to bringing together brands and artists. The two of them, along with Fay Arjomandi, former CEO of Vodafone, have partnered with Studytracks to ensure the app reaches students from all over the world, giving them a fresh and innovative way of studying that fits with a 21st Century lifestyle.

There's big, big plans for Studytracks - please keep feeding back to us through social and email!

Cathy Guetta Instagram Image
George Hammond-Hagan