#studylikethis with Kida The Great, Suede The Remix God & Typo

This is what Studytracks was created for!

Why should you have to stay chained to your desk to be able to study? With our app you'll be able to do what Kida The Great is doing - #studyanywhere. Well, you might not be able to dance like him, but you could certainly try.

We are so pleased about working with Kida who won the US version of 'So you think you can dance' and he's such a super nice guy. Luckily enough we also got involved with Suede the Remix God who remixed this versions of our Maths track - like? We do! Lastly to create the video above we worked with Typo the video editor, who did a great job!

We're very, very happy with the outcome of this video collaboration and we're going to be dropping some more of this type of project soon. Who do you think we should partner with?



George Hammond-Hagan