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Hello! The new Studytracks V2 update went live back in November with, amongst other improvements, an updated quiz feature that's even better than before. Studytracks is all about putting core syllabus revision notes into a great and memorable song which you can then remember with ease and now you can test yourself on what you have learned without leaving the App. Genius, right? 

Now I do recall saying in my first blog that Studytracks was not simply an app to track your studying, but with this new feedback feature it does indeed also track how effectively you are using the app by displaying the tracks of which you have the greatest and least knowledge. So no need to get someone else to test you anymore as you can take a test and get that feedback at any point in your day.

In each of the quizzes you are given a time of six minutes on the clock and there are twelve challenging multiple choice questions to answer at a rate of two questions per minute. These serve to reinforce the information you have studied and listened to and even getting a question wrong is a learning experience. Make sure you test yourself the next day and beyond rather than immediately after listening and reading; the information needs to be in your medium-term and even long-term memory just like the words to your favourite songs you can recall months or years later. Studytracks highlights the topics you got wrong and are struggling with (and what you know well) as it tracks your progress for each track and presents it to you in a simple bar chart so you can see your past results and most recent improvements and benchmarks your progress. An incredibly useful and welcome feature, it cleverly provides some visual motivation to further improve by listening to some of those tracks once or twice more. It is a simple and effective recipe for success; try it for one or two tracks first and you will quickly expand the process to more tracks and topics with the added benefit of seeing how questions about the topic can be posed.

it cleverly provides some visual motivation to further improve by listening to some of those tracks once or twice more

Motivation is the theme of a feature that’s new to Studytracks: the "ranks and points" system. You earn Studytracks points along your journey for listening to tracks and completing quizzes and in so doing you compete for a place on the Studytracks leaderboard and battle with friends as you go from having a ‘General Admittance’ ticket to a Studytracks ‘Access All Areas’ stage pass. 

The addition of these new quizzes and progress reports provide a complete learning tool, one capable of motivating you and pushing you further towards the examination results you want and need. 

Finally, I would stress the need for rest, relaxation and fun between studying so do make sure you plan a (small) break from studying, whatever your schedule.

From me and the Studytracks Team we hope you're getting things set for the impending exams!

George Hammond-Hagan