James Cartmell Blog - My Studytracks - V2 is Live!

We realised that us telling students that Studytracks is some hot Edtech isn't going to cut the mustard. We're not studying for our exams and we're not the ones under the pressure, so we enlisted someone who was under pressure and studying to tell us his story about the way Studytracks worked for him. This is the third in his blog series - one and two can be found here:

James Cartmell Blog 1 - Discovery ||| James Cartmell Blog 2 - Utilising


After much anticipation StudyTracks Version 2 is finally live (hurray!) with a completely new design which is easier to navigate through with more tracks and content, better quality tests, a sharability feature so you can share your favourite tracks with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, a new Studytracks Rank System so you can collect points and compete for top place on the leaderboard, more GCSE Subjects (including the ones on the new specification) and finally, of course,  AS Level subjects are available!

In this third blog of the series I am going to tell you a bit more about how I currently integrate Studytracks into not only my revision at home but into my day to day life.

In the mornings I have a 40 minute bus journey before I get to school so this is a perfect opportunity to listen to some on-the-go tracks and crack on with some revision before a busy day studying for my A-Levels. Granted, it takes some motivation to do this before school has even started for the day but I realised quickly that to harness the power of Studytracks, it needs to be part of your daily routine just like listening to other music on the move.

When I get home from college I am currently doing 1 hour of revision a night in preparation for my mock exams in February. Personally I like to revise by reading through my subject textbook and class notes and going over and highlighting the key words and then putting some time aside to listen to the relevant track on Studytracks about five or six times until I feel confident that I know the topic and then finally I do the Studytracks quiz that shows me if I really do know it! Another good tip whilst you’re listening to the track is to read the study notes and lyrics that appear if you scroll below the track.

Sing along if you want (but not whilst on public transport; only a firmly shut bedroom door will do!).

In the evenings after a hard day studying at college I personally think there’s nothing better than to hit the gym; why not integrate Studytracks into your workout too? Curl your dumbbells to the beat at the gym, row to the rhythm as you take that last stroke to completing 500m or take a run round where you live whilst letting Studytracks work its magic. Why not integrate Studytracks into your workouts if that’s your thing?

In the evening and at weekends I use the quiz yourself feature and sometimes consecutively for the more difficult topics as I found that the lyrics (and content) were really stuck in my head after this. Remember, the more times you listen to a certain track and the more you use the app, your knowledge and especially speed of recall improves and that translates into exam performance.

Although Studytracks is built for you to listen on the go it’s also a great idea to put aside some time at a quieter and slower paced time of the day. I like to take some time to close my eyes and relax listening to tracks just before bed as research shows that studying just before sleeping improves a student's ability to recall information.

George Hammond-Hagan