Studytracks for Schools

You should be familiar with our Studytracks App that you can find in the iTunes or Google Play stores - that's the Edtech app that's creating a buzz through the student population. But we're not just content with having the app on international stores, oh no, we're also starting to get the app out to schools!

The premise for the app works well, and we're proud that you can #studyanywhere and #studyeverywhere so why not have it as a study aid in the classroom? So we have developed a Studytracks that's useable for classrooms from Lincoln to LA, New York to Newbury. With our US and UK versions we're getting all the schools we can to implement a version that's hosted at the school.

It' a simple set up. We grant user rights for a school and they can give the app to the classes they want to teach, then the students create an account et voila, they have full access to the app for lessons and revision. The teacher then sets the timetable for use and using the in app testing students can go home and not have to use books, they can simply use their phone and some headphones to revise!

We're proud that we're working with a lot of schools already, here in the UK and in the US, to implement the schools version. With the amazing Deptford Green as the first UK school to officially signup and get the app into the classroom, we wish their students all the best in their upcoming GCSE exams, and we're looking forward to seeing what results they get.

If you want Studytracks in your school as a student or a teacher - contact us info(at)studytracks(dot)co and let us know.


Studytracks CEO George at Deptford Green

Studytracks CEO George at Deptford Green

George Hammond-Hagan