Studytracks - the evolution of the evolution.

Study with your eyes closed?!

Study with your eyes closed?!

When we launched on Leap Day 2016, we believed in our product. It would be silly not to, but we really did. We had shown it to our friends and family and to a couple of test schools who were all super excited about it. Studytracks was our revision app that was going to revolutionise revision and studying.

On the day of launch even we, the originators and true believers were blown away by the traction we gained. The first 10,000 downloads rolled around in just three weeks, and soon after the next 10,000, it took just 12 weeks to get us to 30,000+ downloads with many, many comments on facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email about how the app was genuinely making a difference to the lives of students by improving their revision plan.

We were touting this as an evolution, and now we were watching one unfold before our eyes. We have evolved the staid and sometimes static learning process that has stood for decades. Our bold claims were being backed up by students from all over the UK.

So how do we improve on Studytracks V1.0? Well, we're not ones for sitting on our hands and doing nothing, so we have been busy. When we say busy, think not much time to do anything BUT work. Busier than the proverbial bee.

How do you evolve an evolution? We listened to the students that downloaded the app first. They wanted more tracks - V2.0 will have over 300 tracks at launch in Oct '16 with more being added weekly ongoing until the complete syllabus is included.

They wanted more control - V2.0 will have playlists, download to phone capabilities for offline listening, there will be better Quiz's, more personalisation and easily shareable content.

There was a suggestion that A Levels would be good - V2.0 has A Level AND AS Level content - simply signify your study area and the content will be there.

So when we say we're busy - you can see we're really GSD (getting... stuff, done) and we're sure that the results for the new and improved app will be as revolutionary as the previous version.

Just a heads up - the app is FREE now, but when we push out the update on October it'll require a (small) payment to download. Get it now and hold onto it and you'll be updated to the new app for FREE. #Justsayin 

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