Studytracks V2 Launched and in the App store now.

Behind the scenes we have been updating Studytracks. We have taken into consideration the feedback since launch, good and bad, to be able to really put out a version of the app that's now more fully formed and has a lot more functionality.

Better tests. Check. More subjects. Check. Listen offline. Check. Regular subject updates. Check. Sharability built into the app. Check. Better media player. Check. Studytracks Points as a rewards system. Check. US and UK content. Check. AS level and GCSE for the UK. Check.

As you can see by the checks, we really have been busy. We even made the in-app purchasing simple for anyone wanting to update their knowledge. We made it as a per-subject option so you don't end up with a lot of content that you don't need, just targeted additions that you do need.  

If you haven;t seen it - try it for FREE now, if you do have it - let us know what you think of the updates.

George Hammond-Hagan