Studytracks in QA Education

George has been busy - this time he's popping up in QA Education to talk about homework! He's got a take on some things that can be done to make the subject a bit more entertaining beyond using Studytracks and has some good talking points. Have a read and see if you agree of or not.

Homework has always been a contentious issue for the teachers to set and mark to the students to do it and learn from it. Studytracks comes at it from a different angle. We have a schools program launching in the new year whereby teachers can set homework where you go home and listen to Studytracks then do one of the quizzes in the app. Hey presto, when you're back in the classroom, you can go through the test results and see how the app has helped you to grasp the core curriculum. Every student is different and this is an option for a student that's better on aural and repetition, but also a chance for students to study anywhere, not just chained to a desk.

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George Hammond-Hagan