Studytracks in Teach Secondary magazine

Our founder George has been featured in Teach Secondary magazine. He was asked questions about study and revision and listening to music, a topic he knows a bit about!

Teach Secondary is the biggest magazine for teachers of secondary education and a great stepping stone for us to talk to teachers about the app and our impending Schools Version that will allow 'in classroom' study groups, testing and of course, listening to tracks, affording teachers another tool in their arsenal to facilitate learning for all.  

A teacher will be able to set revision for students through their own version of Studytracks that sits on their school servers, so they can let the right students have their own version of the app to take home and it's all linked to a central database where they can see how students are doing with tests and learning. Clever huh?

Then there's plenty of options for everyone to be able to learn through earworms and the power of Studytracks without the need of a private version on your phone that you pay for. It's about education for everyone.

So anyway, in the magazine George talks about how music and study are not necessarily a bad thing, as the 30,000 and growing users of Studytracks well know. Pick up a copy of the magazine from clicking on the images below if you're interested in reading the full article.


George Hammond-Hagan