Studytracks in the finals!

We are two times finalists in the Bett Awards 2017!

"The Bett Awards are a celebration of the inspiring creativity and innovation that can be found throughout technology for education. The awards form an integral part of Bett each year, the world’s leading showcase of education technology solutions. The winners are seen to have excelled in ICT provision and support for nurseries, schools, colleges and special schools alike with a clear focus on what works in the classroom."

Having been nominated was amazing - getting to be a finalist for two awards in the biggest EdTech event in the world is just unbelievable. We're super stoked and so happy for everyone that's been putting in the work to make it happen. We are up for the 'ICT Innovator of the year' Award as well as the 'Secondary Content' award. We never imagined when we launched just last February that we would get so far so quickly. Over 35,000 downloads, finalists in two awards and a US launch in just nine months! We're on fire right?! 

Who knows, come January we might, just might have an award to our name.

Thanks again to all our supporters and all the best in your studies. Click the image below to see more about the Bett Awards 2017.


George Hammond-Hagan