James Cartmell - My Studytracks - Utilising

In his second blog for us, James goes from discovery to utilisation of the app. As with any study tool, it's all well and good having it, but it has to fit into your schedule to be useful for you to make the most of it. This is where we think Studytracks has the drop on other Ed Tech, we made the app so you could study anywhere and everywhere. It's freeing to be able to walk away and take a break from the desk and books, even close your eyes to rest them for 30 mins and still be studying.

There's lots of other functionality built into the app and we have had many, many conversations with teachers and students as well as the app builders about the whole user experience as well as how we can make the app useful. This is an ever evolving process so, as always, if there's anything you want to change about the app or anything you want added to it, contact us and we'll always do our best to facilitate the change. 

On my second day with the app I discovered that if you scroll down when listening to a track, in addition to the song there is a complete set of well written excellent notes for each topic in the exam. I now realised I could listen to the track as well as reading the notes at the same time and in my opinion this enhances the power of this app… It is a double sensory hit.

By February 2016, having used Studytracks for a month I was starting to see the benefits and I had tied it in well with my revision. I was starting to get into my revision doing a subject a day for about an hour after school. I would make notes on each topic of a subject, read over them and then listen to the relevant track on Studytracks. For me, this was the best way to revise. I used everything I had, the textbook, flashcards, my notes, some youtube videos, and then incorporated Studytracks into all this at home. Studytracks is mobile though; I can’t take a textbook outside with me easily so this is when this app really sings! I could be listening to Studytracks whilst I went on a run, whilst out on a long car journey, whilst I was making a coffee or perhaps in bed right before I go to sleep to refresh my memory of those lyrics once more. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; if you can, listen to Studytracks at the same time. I found that I had to listen to the tracks about three times before I knew them and could recite them back and had good knowledge of the content but honestly, listen to them as much as you can, the more times you listen to a certain track the better you will know it, especially if you found that section of the syllabus tricky beforehand.

It didn't seem to matter which section of my revision I needed help with, they've got it covered. Studytracks have built up their list of subjects covered by the app steeply over the last few months and the new version (launching November 2016) will have over 500 tracks for GCSE, SAT and AS Level subjects with A-Level on the cards later in the year. 

Each time you exit the app it defaults to the main menu rather than recalling where you last left off, but the app is so well constructed and user-friendly that it takes just a few clicks to enter any section of a subject. It is easy to flick from one track to another and most usefully you can create a playlist of your favourite songs for quick access right from the main menu. It'll be interesting to see what Version 2 will look like when it launches.

No wifi or no phone signal? No problem! All of the tracks are available for offline use, so you can still use them on those “no signal” boring countryside walks for example. It gives you a whole new way of revising doing something we all love.

You know the lyrics to the latest chart topping song right? We all learn those without even trying. Well revising is just as easy with Studytracks.

George Hammond-Hagan